Equipment Rentals

Checkout the professional equipment that we have available for rentals. To rent some of our equipment, send us an email at or call/text us at 314-649-8414

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Harbinger V2115 Speaker

The Harbinger V2115 multipurpose loudspeaker is designed with 600 watts of clean, articulate Class-D amplification, bringing more power and exceptional sound to your party or event. Plus, its striking new look makes an impact even more turning it on. Used as a main or monitor, its the most versatile and affordable powered loudspeaker Harbinger has ever built. The 2-way system features a built-in 3-channel mixer, 2-band EQ, limiter with clip, and pole mount. And with its XLR Balanced Line Out, you can hook up multiple speakers, perfect for vocals, presenters and anyone who needs venue-filling power and detail.

$35 each


Alto TS212 Two-way Speaker

The Alto Truesonic TS212 12" Active PA Speaker is a compact and portable, 1100 watt (peak) active loudspeaker. The TS212 boasts 550 watts of continuous Class-D power with a 12'' low-frequency transducer and a 1'' neodymium driver. This versatile active PA speaker can be used as a traditional upright loudspeaker or as a floor wedge monitor, making it ideal for a range of live audio applications. One of the most unique features of the TS212 is the integrated 2-channel mixer which gives you optimal control over your sound.  With its multitude of functions and stellar audio quality, this loudspeaker will be ideal for everything from small seminars and house parties, to sound reinforcement for larger PA systems.

$50 each


Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP 18 in. Powered Subwoofer

Electro-Voice's ELX200-18SP powered subwoofer will deliver plenty of powerful bass to get the party, theater, or nightclub up dancing. The 18" woofer can blast out sound levels up to 132 dB, thanks to the built-in 1200-watt Class D amplifier. The ported wooden enclosure helps keep bass notes sounding clear and mellow, never bone-rattling out of control. Bands, DJs, and venues are all ideal potential customers for the ELX200 series. Whether you are adding subwoofers to an existing system or building your system from the ground up, ELX200 offers an economical, professional solution to the challenges of live sound reinforcement.

$75 each


Shure SM48 Microphone

The SM48 unidirectional dynamic microphone is a great performance microphone. It maintains a true cardioid pattern throughout its frequency range, ensuring high gain before feedback and rejection of off-axis sound.The tailored frequency response is ideal for lead vocals, backup vocals, and spoken word applications. A presence rise brightens mid-range performance, and a low frequency roll off controls proximity effect. The SM48 has a tailored vocal response for a sound, which is a world standard. Rugged construction, a proven shock mount system, and a steel mesh grille ensure that even with rough handling, the SM48 will perform consistently.

$15 each

xsw2 wireless.jpg

Sennheiser XSW2-835 Handheld Wireless System

XS Wireless 2 is Sennheiser's all-in-one system for music, theatre and speech combining the easiest handling with reliable transmission and professional live sound. Even on a busy stage, XS Wireless is set up in no time and delivers professional live sound. Thanks to its intuitive operation, you almost forget it’s wireless. XS Wireless 2 grows with your demands by offering an intuitive LCD display for more manual options and 12 compatible channels in a stable UHF band, withstanding tougher live stage conditions. The XS Wireless 2 Vocal Set is an easy to use all-in-one wireless system for singers and presenters featuring Sennheiser’s renowned evolution microphone capsule e835 (superior dynamic, cardioid) to perform under pressure. 

$75 each

mic stand.jpg

Microphone Stand Rental

Our microphone stands are perfect for concerts, presentations, and recording sessions. Use these boom mic stands to get in close to your speaker or instrument and adjust it for amplifier or drum mici-ng. Tough and well balanced, our mic stands are dependable and suited to many different types of uses.

$10 each

Slim par 64.JPG

SlimPar 64 LED RGB DMX Light

The Thinpar64 from Venue Lighting Effects is a low profile DMX intelligent LED PAR Can that is designed with portability and convenience in mind. It is lightweight and super compact, which makes it a great lighting effect for use with Houses of Worship, mobile DJs, clubs and parties of all sizes. There are 100 bright RGB color LEDs that will provide plenty of lighting, and you can combine the red, green and blue LEDs to create a custom static color to set the mood. The Thinpar64 can be used as a stand-alone fixture in sound-activated mode, or controlled via DMX controller, which will gives you total commend over the action of the effect. The double-yoke hanging bracket allows the Thinpar64 to be easily installed by hanging on a truss or standing up by itself on the floor. There is also a power linking option so you can add up to an additional 60 units and fill-up any lighting rig.

$30 each


American DJ Aggressor Tri LED Effect Light

The Aggressor Tri LED Moonflower from American DJ utilizes revolutionary Tri Color Technology to fill the room with 32 sound-activated beams that move and strobe to the sound of the music. The effect light has two 9W 3-in-1 RGB Tri Color LEDs (100,000 hour rating) that beam a variety of color effects, including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, cyan, & white through it's 16 rectangle windows. The Aggressor Tri LED has In/Out IEC power connections for daisy-chaining power and includes an easy-to-adjust built-in hanging yoke, with 3 positions to meet your needs. Thanks to its LED technology, the moonflower effect only uses 30W of power.

$20 each


Bheringer 8 channel Mixer w/ usb & effects

The Behringer Xenyx X1204USB USB mixer makes it easy to mix up to 8 channels of audio at a budget-friendly price. You get four Xenyx mic preamps on the first four channels, plus an additional two stereo channels for line-level sources. The 2-bus design lets you route signals to an alternate source, while one aux send per channel further enhances your routing options. The X1204USB helps you sound your best too, with one-knob compression and 3-band EQs with sweepable mids. Built-in effects include 16 editable presets. Best of all, you can easily record the stereo output of the X1204USB to your computer via USB